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feeding frenzy - finale
Now, in case I haven't told you…my feeding took place upon the hotel room floor – the only place possible to open all of my cases and still be able to reach into each.  For my finale, I chose the bed – not as comfortable as mine at home – but I'd have to do. Positioning myself, so as to be relaxed as possible, I propped myself up against the headboard, Twinkies in tow like an anchor around my neck waiting to be hauled up into the hole.
Nimbly opening the box I undid the seal slowly, searchingly….the cardboard zipper pulling away to unveil the phallic, spongy cake inside.
"This is one priapic package I wish unwrapped," I thought, as I pulled at the cellophane prophylactic preventing me from feeling the spongy length of its sweetness. The wrapping gave way to my incisors, as I tugged that puppy free, the familiar odor exciting me the moment it wafted to my nostrils. Licking my lips in anticipation, I ran my tongue up and down its breadth, the flavor dancing within my mouth. At
:iconstuffedskirt:StuffedSkirt 27 24
feeding frenzy - part IV
The blur of food began to seem trivial as I picked up my step to stuff and fill my mouth with delights. I knew if I continued, the feed would only escalate and I would miss the luxury of tasting my meal. Reaching into the back, zipper compartment of my suitcase, I pulled out my soft, cushioned travelers blind. Placing it around my head, blindfolding my eyes, I reached out in the darkness, groping for my goodies. One by one, I tasted and textured every, single bite – an appetizing taste-test of individually, snatched morsels.
I sampled long into the night, feeling the number of grouped delectables disappearing into a small heap. Stretching out I felt enormous, it was time to see…
"Ah yes," I muttered to myself after removing the blindfold, "so nice and round."
My belly was indeed firm and I could see the stretch marks running across its surface, branching out like fine-lined streaks of lightening. Lightening – the surge of electricity hit me like 30,000 amps, the thunder rumbling in my
:iconstuffedskirt:StuffedSkirt 24 15
feeding frenzy - part III
Ah, the Sherry, the dainty cookies…I wanted more. My Twinkies begged for me to let them out of their box! Alas, no, I mustn't…first the appetizers, after all,  I was trying to be civilized…
Searching my hoard, I found one of the little tidbits I picked up at a nearby restaurant; salmon and caviar potato crêpes with lemon butter sauce. Yum. I love caviar –very self-indulgent.
Feeling those little eggs slip down my throat was like the warm-up before the sprint.  I worked for my next meal of oysters, shucking them myself and sliding them down my throat, one by one. As they slithered down a rush of excitement enveloped me; "ah," I snickered quietly to myself, "you know what they say about oysters…and the night has just begun."
Container by container, I opened each one of my purchased delights and fed, fueling the desire that burned in my belly like coals in a steam engine. Ethnic cuisine of unimaginable tastes, danced upon my palate.  The more I
:iconstuffedskirt:StuffedSkirt 22 10
feeding frenzy - part II
With the last set of stairs completed, having made several trips, I settled in for the evening. Hand-packing three suitcases of food, and hauling the equivalent up in drink, was enough for me…at least for the night.
Sustenance – I needed food; something to eat would clear the exhaustion I felt from the climb. Opening the cases I scanned my goodies like an owl hunting for a delectable mouse. Ah, there they were, delicate little, rolled lace cookies. Plucking one out, I munched greedily, going from one to another. Wait – manners – this was all about decadence, and I wanted the indulgence to last. First I must set the table.
Rolling out my silk, hand-embroidered placemat and napkin, I closed my eyes feeling the smooth silk as it passed between my fingers, reminding me of the filling inside my Caramilk bars. My stomach growled. Pushing this thought aside, I reached for my candles noticing the packets of fresh fruit I was planning to dip into my chocolate fondue pot. Maybe just a small bite
:iconstuffedskirt:StuffedSkirt 22 14
feeding frenzy - the story
I must do more than gather up courage. A feeding frenzy planned for the weekend takes up a lot of food, not to mention cash.  Escaping to a nearby hotel is the only way; away from prying eyes and away from 'normality'. None of my friends would at all understand my compulsion, as a matter-of-fact they should never know.
Too many times have I heard the chants of prayer uttered in my name to understand the meaning of health, diet and exercise. I have held a pork hock to my lips as the deadly sins of lust and gluttony were thrown in my face by well-wishers of thin people. Even now, Proverbs 6:16 – 19 rings in my ears, as my feet hurry me off to do the evil deed of stuffing my face like a Thanksgiving turkey.
Closing my mind to worry – I'm off – I've  accumulated for weeks, the hotel room reserved, the room paid. Getting there is nothing compared to the work I face of hauling my booty upstairs. Stairs. Why did I pick a Victorian mansion with stairs? Simply because of ext
:iconstuffedskirt:StuffedSkirt 28 16

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United States
:wow: i get back to find my web cam piccy's gone, my notes nor comments don't show....i think i've hit a DA glitch!

:rage::megaphone: just want you all to know:  besides having to work overtime (the girl quit and i've had WAY MORE hours...which is a GOOD thing i've found out in the long run)  my landlady has her house up for sale. :(   i'm finding i'll need extra cash to find a new place to live! As soon as her place sells....i'll be WITHOUT a computer to! :cries: wish me luck!! i'll try to post some more piccys before I get cut off :sniff:
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